The first smartphone for minimalists. 

A revolt against the modern smartwatch. It's not constantly beaming you notifications, or buzzing your wrist. Vital is a small phone designed to have only the essentials. 

An average American checks their phone every 20 minutes.

Even brief distractions lead to negative cognitive impacts. These impacts on complex tasks like puzzles and math can be detected for a full 15 minutes after each interruption. We are losing 75% of our time distracted by our phones.

Sophie Leroy's study >

TLDR: Americans spend 75% of their time distracted by their phone.

This efficient e-paper display helps the battery run for record lengths. At 600 PPI, this high res display is ran on an ultrafast, low energy Samsung Exinos 1.4 GHz dual core 64bit processor. All of these features allow for a full week of battery. 

Black and white, for a week of battery.

Less, but better.

Quiet time just by flipping your phone over. Don't worry though, you won't sleep through your alarm. Also yes, that is a headphone jack.

First smartphone made not to be used.

Quiet time.

A home-screen worth looking at. With innovative features like squeeze to unlock, Vital is intuitive to use. Not to mention beautiful to look at.

Take a deep breath.

Feel at home.

In with the good, out with the bad.

No social media, no internet browser, no games.

Why is this not already a thing?

Messaging, but better.

All your communications in one place, finally. Creating a text message or email is as easy as hitting one button. We use the stigma of voice text to help keep you out of your inBOX. Voice typing is not only the fastest way to write, it also is incredibly awkward. By using primarily voice typing, Vital users will find themselves texting in public situations less often. That translates to being more present around friends and loved ones alike.


Try it out, by hovering your mouse over Vital.



Float your mouse over VITAL

Only one homescreen. A simple swipe reveals the toolbox, which holds everything else you need. 

Everything you ever needed.

Nothing more.

This is not a real phone. The images are inspired by lightphone, a 2015 kickstarter phone that was too simple. These phone mockups were crafted in photoshop. The User interface was carefully designed in illustrator. The illustrations are straight out of my sketchbook. I presented this idea for my thesis in front of a panel of judges. The only thing they had to say was, "when can we preorder?"

Less, but better.