The first parsnip ice cream. Treat responsibly. We deliver a first-of-its-kind Ice Cream with a low glycemic index. Without compromising any flavor or creaminess of your favorite treat, our guilt-free ice cream is over 50% parsnips. 

"you HAVE to try it."


Our team won second place in this cross-disciplinary challenge.

I worked with one Food Sciences major, and one Marketing student. In less than 24 hours, we collaborated to create a recipe, package design, and market plan for our farm fresh parsnip ice cream. Topped with maple, bacon, walnut & poblano crumble, it was no wonder snip was a great success with the judges.


  • Each group blindly chooses two ingredients on Friday night.

  • Cooking starts at 9 am Saturday.

  • Primary ingredient must make up at least 50% of recipe.

  • Presentations at 5:00pm  on Saturday.

  • Presentations must include: creative use of ingredients, packaging and market plan

The SNIPS story

I came in with no expectations on Friday night. After getting assigned into a group, each team took turns choosing paper bags of ingredients. We got parsnips as our primary, and poblano peppers as our secondary ingredient. Being the designer in the group, I suggested a power brainstorming session before we all split for the night.


We got creative, and let the ideas flow. After about 20 minuets we stepped back. Before narrowing our ideas, I suggested we work on something else, to give our brains a second to settle. I started thinking about the short timeline of our 24 hours.  I proposed that we make a schedule so we could iterate on our recipe, logo, packaging, and market plan. By the end of Friday night our team was pretty set on parsnip chips and poblano dip.

When Saturday rolled around, the parsnips threw us a curveball. After two batches it was clear that without a deep-fryer the chips were more like veggie leathers. Thats when it got sweet. We turned our backs on the traditional savory aspect of parsnips. In an attempt to gain points in the innovative recipe section, we tried making ice cream out of a root vegetable. It worked! By the time our recipe was in its final stages, I jumped into my sketchbook. By fusing Ideas of ice cream and root vegetables, I created a forced connection between the shape of the parsnip and an ice cream cone.

Building the packaging was a struggle. With very few resources, it took a large amount of ingenuity to create anything at all.  The ice cream was held in a traditional ice cream pint. While the maple-bacon-poblano-pecan crumble was held in an upside-down hummus container.

I know it looks gross, but the taste was legendary."