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Welcome to the Bonus Area ✨ 

A ton of free things I wished I could have had earlier in my design, art influencer, and illustration career.  Always love to hear your feedback, this is all about giving back to you! my super supportive community : )

Bonus Area Updated Monthly: Last Update Jan 2023

make your own font.jpg

Make Your Own Font!

It's free and easier than you might expect! Its time to make your own font

Download Free Fonts.jpg

Fonts I made

I made fonts using the technique above, and they are free to download! you can even write in my handwriting 

Stationary photo

5 Best Websites for Copywrite Free Images

5 Best places for free Copywrite-free images

1. Pixabay- (photos, vectors, png, videos)

2. Pexels- copywrite free (Photos and Videos)

3. Unsplash- copywrite free artsy (photos only)

4. Vecteezy- (photos, vectors, png)

5. Dall-e-2 : Generate an Image with AI for free

Design Your Own Merch.webp

Design You're Own Merch

Design Your own Merch, T shirts, Sweats, Totes, Puzzles, Prints and more!

Free to design costs to print:

Super sustanable! feel good about plastic free packaging, and 1 of 1 printing means there is no added waste or overproduction. Portion of sales goes back to farmers and me your art friend.

poopoopager sketchbooks.webp

10% off Poopoopaper

These sustainable sketchbooks made from poop, butt don't worry they don't stink! harrisonhow10% to get 10% off all orders of poopoopaper

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