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I'm Harrison "How"

Hi my name is Harrison Howard I go by @Harrison How online because I love talking about the how behind things. I'm dedicated to constant learning. Some of my favorite things that help me learn are traveling, connecting with others and nature. Travel is my favorite.  My family is number one. I draw lots. Let me say that again, I draw,  constantly. I love being outside, because I clarify through dirt, snow and surf. I was raised with a sketchbook in hand, and was always drawing. From age 0 - 10, for a month or more each year, my family would live with another family in Latin America. I would learn Spanish at local schools, and draw our misadventures before returning to seemingly  sheltered Montana. This gave me a  early glimpse  of  my privilege at a young age.  Our upbringing  deeply influences who we become, and my traveling, drawing, and learning  haven't stopped. I continue to strive for deeper engagement with my, art, community,  craft, and the  beautiful yet iterative  design process. Through my travels, I have found that every person is creative and talented in their own way. Thats why I try and help unlock peoples creativity with easy drawing  tutorials on social media. Thanks for joining our creative community, please reach out if you want to work together.


I'm always looking for new opportunities.  Let's connect.

(406) 551-0625

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