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Unlock the secrets to transforming beautiful landscapes into line art.


Inside this book

Explore all the beauty nature has to offer with 20 awe-inspiring land and seascape sketches. In this accessible, step-by-step guide, artist and nature enthusiast Harrison How shows you how to effortlessly capture the ancient wonders of the world in stunning panoramas. Harness the tenacious spirit of the arid deserts as you form Ever Shifting Sand Dunes. Hear the call of the wild as you chart the weathered rock and eroded slopes of the world’s most dramatic mountain peaks with Majestic Volcanos or Cliffs and Rocky Ranges. Unearth the mysteries that hide beneath the waves in Otherworldy Tide Pools.

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You’ll also learn how to seamlessly layer everything together from the smallest shrubs to the largest canyons for picture-perfect drawings. No matter your age or skill level, all you need is a pen to bring the outdoors to life.

Harrison breaks the most complicated scenes into mini-tutorials so you can master every detail with ease.

Embark on a creative adventure through four captivating biomes

The Living Deserts.png
The Living Deserts

Hone your skills in capturing the stark beauty of the desert. Learn to render the intricate textures of wind-sculpted rock formations and discover techniques to portray the otherworldly charm of cacti and desert flora.

spirited arboreal places.png
Spirited Arboreal Places

Step into the hushed reverence of a forest, where you'll discover techniques for portraying the intricate details of leaves and branches. Learn to capture the diversity of life in the canopy and evoke the peaceful ambience of these natural cathedrals.

the Mountains are calling.png
The Mountains are Calling

Learn to translate the grandeur of towering peaks, rolling foothills, and dramatic valleys onto paper. Master techniques for creating depth and perspective, and capture the awe-inspiring scale of these majestic landscapes.

Shifting coastal Seascapes.png
Shifting Coastal Seascapes

Master the art of depicting the ever-changing tides of the ocean. Learn to render the crashing waves, the gentle lapping of tide pools, a sandy beach, and the serene tranquility of a calm bay. Discover techniques for capturing the movement of water, the play of light on the surface, and the vastness of the horizon.

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